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Check this out....

You want to win more market share, right?

Take my Windows Vista or 7 license key, and my Office 2003 or 2007 license key, and trade me straight up for licenses for MacOS and Office:MAC licenses.  (Whatever the current versions are)

There are many people out there like me who would love to try your products...  But don't have the money to do it.  So... I'll go out and buy a used mac from somewhere, that's great...  you just help me out and trade me a license for office so I can get used to it and learn how to use it...  and who knows, maybe you'll make me a convert!

Want to control the population and make sure you're not getting ripped off?  Fine.  Register my social security number or something.  God knows everybody else has it, so what's one more company going to do with it?  Make it....  1 offer per SSN, or be really REALLY generous and make it 2 offers per. 

What else can you offer to switch up for us windows folks? 

Hey BP !!!

I know how to stop the leak. 

And you can do it without losing the well.

Works on any pipe, any conditions, any pressure or volume of material, gas or liquid, EVERY TIME.  

At the very least it's an emergency shut-off until a permanent solution is designed.  At the best, it's a permanent solution to any number of future needs. 

The idea is yours to keep, you can have all the patents.

My price:  US$10M + $140M*

Want to know how?
Let's chat.

I'm ready to fly.  If it doesn't work, you're out a small consulting fee for my time, pennies in the big picture.  If it does work....  Well, I'm sure you can comprehend the possibilities.

*$10M payment for me and my family to retire on, may be paid out over 30 years or all at once.  This is the cost of selling you my idea that will lead to SEVERAL down-stream patents. 

$140M to be paid out over 20 years into a non-profit organization of my leadership, for a very specific project I have been developing for the last couple years.  It'll have public benefit and if all goes as planned, may very well re-define one of the USA's biggest problems, with ramifications well into the next 20 generations.  Details will be provided if we go that far, and permanent recognition will be given accordingly upon foundation of the organization.

Save the planet, save face, and reduce the risk of a total loss of the well. 

The time is now.

*Edit:  Consider it like this.  I have a project that needs funding to start.  This project is quite massive, and will require many millions of dollars to get started, and then many more millions of dollars to stabilize and become a worth-while project of mass benefit.  So... Imagine if I was an uber-rich bazillionaire, I would donate the money and the time to make the project happen.  And at this point in my life, this project is the only thing I truly care about, so I can confidently say that with the money, I would happily and quite energetically focus the rest of my life on this project.  Since however, I do not have the money, it is impossible for me to get this project going by myself.  However I am still more than happy to donate all the time I can to it, while at the same time focusing just enough energy to make enough income to support my life in this human plane of existence.  So...  enter some multi-billion dollar company.  If they could give me the money, and I could then afford the time, I could focus 100% on the project.  Since there are no companies I can think of that would do this for some nobody like me, I am left with only one way to acquire the money.  Well, 2 ways.  Win the lottery, or sell something.  So... I have an idea for something to fix this oil problem, a problem that is well beyond the scale of this lifetime...  Suffice it to say that I am willing to effectively donate this idea freely to my NPO, who would then sell it to BP in order to achieve the money needed to kick off this project.  So for those of you who think I am being greedy and selfish and such, consider that.  I'm willing to give away the idea to a non-profit, in order to fund a project of significant public benefit, and then give away the rest of my life to make that project a reality. So yeah, I'm asking for some money for my idea...  enough money for myself and my family to live out the rest of our lives comfortably, while focusing 100% on this dream of mine, without having to worry about the necessities of human life in society.  I am doing this in order to be able to happily focus 100% of my energy and desire on making this dream happen.  And I am asking for some help to get the project going.  What happens after that is ...  unless anyone has a time machine ...  the mystery of the future.

If that's selfish, then well....  I'm a cold, selfish bastard with no hope of recovery. 
So I applied for a position with Google this afternoon.  It's EXACTLY what I have been doing, and WANT to be doing!!  It is my life, my love, and my electric blood.  Datacenter Facilities Management.  As I once said in a status message on my in-office IM :  "I've got the power.  And the meters to prove it!" 

What an amazing opportunity to bring in all these ideas I have for so many different industries.  Gads...  I've got one that well, only Google could truly appreciate.  *looks at the stack of sealed, return receipt envelopes on his desk*

So if you know anyone that works for Google, or you have any sense of meaning in the universe, please put in a good word for me.  Or 2 or 3 or 587. 

This I think, would be that one job...  that I'd get the call saying "Welcome aboard, come in on Monday." and I would just have to literally jump for joy and shout "WOO HOO!!!!!!".  And suddenly all those old United Airlines commercials would be just....  PERFECT. 

Overnight flight to the site for the interview, Rental car, hotel:  $1,200
Moving across the country on 1 day's notice:  $5,000
Landing that job with Google:  PRICELESS. 

Absolutely. positively. undeniably. incredibly.  PRICELESS.

Bring it on Google!  I'm ready to Soar, can you handle it? 


The winds of change are upon me this weekend.  The brothers are pointing East.  Dreams tell a story of fortune and prosperity in Georgia.  My family and my soul mate are that way.  And who better to see the outstanding strength of a Bronze, the potential in motivation, energy, desire, and run with them to the amazing abilities they bring?  Not to mention that I could have Rokenbok ALL OVER MY DESK!!!!!!  

The sun is shining brightly.  The brothers are pointing East.  This is the High Festival of Spring, a time of renewal, new growth, new strengths... Breaking out of the chill winter lethargy.  I can think of no better way to celebrate than seeing this moment come to be. 

Put it all on Blue, Red, Yellow, and Green. 

Think of how many people I could bring with me!  All manner of coders, developers, engineers, dreamers, leaders of everything... 

This is the one company that I can see in my dreams...  walking into the lobby of the building and seeing some product that my team built... That I built... proudly displayed in the center of the lobby...  and I know that I did it... I lead that project and brought that reality down upon this world.  Enter the reality of the Fuel Fox, and 40 more ideas.  Enter the developer of the next passive power generation system... or subterranean geothermal cooling system.  Enter the designer of the first data center to orbit the Earth, and the satellite linked transmission system to go with it.  Who knows! 

If there ever was a company that could appreciate a dragon... 

Gah!  excitement off the charts. 


Post Tensioning

So...  anyone out there an architectural engineer?  I had a sudden and random thought this morning about a technology called "post tensioning" as related to building engineering.  Need someone in the field to discuss some experiments with and see if we can get a working prototype together. 

NDA required of course, must have sufficient qualifications and experience, and an open mind to discuss.  Must be willing to meet in person in the Denver area. 

SUCCESS!!!! Take THAT Google.

So for anyone out there that has a Google Voice number, and they're not happy with the service (no, it's NOT perfect, no matter how much it might be nice to have.)  I have successfully transferred my vanity number OUT of Google and over to my cell phone. 

The process is long and tedious, and involves 2 ports.  As I'm sure you have found out, Google has no account numbers, no method of identifying you as the rightful owner, no way for your new carrier to take the number.  This is a major problem, and it eliminates 99% of the carriers out there because they can't grasp this concept that google DOESN'T have account numbers, and who the hell knows what address they use as the registered address.  Essentially... there is no way to prove you own the number to make a rightful transfer.

Enter Level3.

I have an account on RingCentral.com (a subsidiary of Level3).  It's an 800# hosting service that has a variety of very nice features.  In addition to 800 numbers, they also offer a selection of local market numbers. I've had an account with them for a few years, and currently host 14 800 numbers and 2 local market numbers.  As I have in the past, I called on them and requested the port transfer (by the web site actually).  Much to my surprise, they do not require account numbers or whatever else.  So I started the port request.

It took 3 weeks and several phone calls.  But they did it...

Now, if you don't have an account with RC, they have a free 30 day trial, so you can open an ccount and port in the number and they won't start charging you until the port is done.  This allows you to use RC as a middle provider for free.  (or stay with them if that's your choice, I'm happy with their services).  While the port is in process, you can set up a set of answering rules that will forward incoming calls to your phone, exactly the same as google does.  What's nice is that with RC, you can purposely alter the incoming caller ID, by adding some digits to the end of the number.  This is a fantastic way to identify which of you 800 numbers the caller is coming in on... and it's a great way to identify when your ported phone number is now being handled by RC and not by Google. 

The MOMENT that the port completed and the number was ringing thru according to my answering rules (which I have an extensive setup on), I immediately called my cellular provider and began the port process to them.  Now that I have an account number and a registered address and whatever else. 

According to the FCC rules, a "wireline" transfer can take a week, and of course my cellular provider took a WEEK to do it.  Buttheads.

As a long standing customer with RC, they were inquisitive of why I ported in and out so fast, but since I have so many numbers I just told them this one was being repurposed.  But if you are a new customer, that answer is easy...  it's not a perfect match to your needs. 

So I now have my vanity phone number successfully ported out of google and moved over to my cellular carrier. 

Started:  Jan 12.   Done:  Feb 7.      3 weeks and 6 days. 

So there ya go folks...  for anyone who has been struggling with how to port a number out of google voice. There it is. 


Look, I realize that I am an old grumpy beast who is mostly disinterested in "fads" and such, and I am old(er) than the intended audience of these lines of clothing, but seriously...

I found a couple very VERY nice shirts from ROAR CLOTHING before christmas, at BUCKLE in the mall.  So I tried on the one they had there, a Large and an XL, which is my usual size range with most manufacturers of clothing, whether fitted or loose.  Both were so tight that I couldn't even button them closed.  So finding none of the one I wanted, I tried on a 2XL of a different style and found it also to be VERY TIGHT...  But at least I could button it. 

Now, these designs are very nice, I pretty much fell all over one of them, so I took the leap and ordered a 3XL (the largest available) of the one design I really liked and 2 others.  They arrived today.

So I would just like to say that you people at ROAR are seriously out of whack.  I mean really, your designs, while very interesting and some are quite impressive, do not really "fit" the "professional" style of the 30+ crowd...  So it's difficult to interest those people in your designs even when they speak so clearly of some of the values 40+ folks hate about 20-30 folks. 

Add to this that I have suddenly jumped clear into the obsenely OBESE category of 3XL !!!!  and well, it makes the decision to buy your (VERY EXPENSIVE)  products difficult at best.

Get with the times. 

There's an APP for THAT!

ok ok... I just have to ask...

Is there an App that tracks how much you've spent on APPs???? 

I mean seriously people, spending $400 on a phone with an OUTRAGEOUSLY overpriced monthly service fee isn't bad enough...  Now I have to spend a dollar or more on EVERYTHING that I want the damned thing to do! 

Windows Mobile on Sprint baby.  Unlimited EVERYTHING and a Billion FREE apps!

need a google voice invite!

Does anyone have a Google Voice invite I can have?  My mom is moving and I need to get her a phone number in the new area code so she can start getting things set up!

Comments are screened, please drop me a line in email and I'll write you back.


can you read it?

rgua ua l alnokw id l xuogwe uswl rgar u glcw.

that one is easy.  if you can read it, try this:

rgua ua l alnokw id l xuogwe uswl rgar u glcw.
ys rut zkv wqka efyl rutwq auyvd pqjj.
djzp eyr stsrqpl tw yrw epw
poygw zhnf gxk jhw sr

I tried to make sure I got it right.  But if you happen to come up with a wrong letter randomly inserted into the sentences, it's probably just because I goofed on the conversion.


vote for my tea

So I submitted a tea blend on Teavana's "Heaven of Tea" contest.  VOTE FOR ME!


It's called "Dragon's Sunrise".  They cut off my notes and prep directions, so I had to resubmit with the abbreviated version of the prep instructions.  The one titled "Draogn's Sunrise (prep fixed)" is obviously this abbreviated version.   Darn it all if I didn't just notice there is a typo in the submission title too!  And they do not offer any way to go back and edit it.  *sigh* 

The brew blend consists of Silver Needle and Sweet Lily White teas. 

The original story was:

Experience the legends of ancient guardians, perch on the highest mountain peaks, and sing the sun to rise each morning. Offer up a mug of his favorite, and engage the great bronze elder in conversations of life; listen to his words of wisdom and time. And maybe he'll let you share in the endless knowledge of his library.

Tho it can be mixed and brewed together, Tek's favorite way to brew this tea is to start with very hot water (about 200F, light rolling boil *at 8,500 ft) and infuse the Silver Needle first, for about 2-3 minutes.  This imparts a strong, earthy aroma and a light white liquor to provide the strong foundation.  Then brew the Lily for a couple minutes (to taste) to add the enticing notes of candor.  The Lily tea may become overpowering quickly on the subtle hints of Silver Needle, so start with a short brew time and increase it to your liking. 

The blend speaks of the tireless strength of Mother Earth, and reminds us to be energetic, fun, and light in out footprints; not to become too entwined in the mundane.  No sweetner is required, but a pinch of cane sugar greatly enhances the Lily tea. 

This tea is best brewed in Tek's favorite "Mother's Love" Yixing clay pot.

This submission is a bit of a tribute in a way...  For not only do I like it myself, but the title, indeed the meaning, I owe to Lantern.  I hope you will enjoy some with me someday my friend. 


Am I in kindergarden again?

So the question was:

"The premise that our society is different from what it would have been without the computer revolution is generally accepted. Is our society better than it would have been without the revolution? Is our society worse?"

and I said:

Aah the argument of the ages... "woulda, coulda, shoulda."

I believe that our society is neutral to any and all supposedly important discoveries. Consider this perhaps in the eyes of an immortal being for a moment:

You are immortal, you can see thousands and thousands of years all around you, and so you decide to watch a few different societies that are developing approximately the same rate and period. In your observations, you notice that one develops fire and the other does not. (yet). And that is the key. YET.

Both societies eventually figure out the fire thing, and the wheel, and the tree of knowledge, and the semi-conductor, and nixie tubes, and solid state devices, and so on.

One society develops the pan head screw, and then needs to develop a method to turn it with that gives better leverage than a slot... so they develop a hex-head lag bolt. The other society develops the lag bolt, and then discovers they need to make the screws smaller to hold little items, but the hex head is too big, so they develop the pan-head slotted screw. Which one was "right"?

One society reaches the the great technology crash in its calendar year 2001. The other reaches it in 3056. Yet another you had long since forgotten about came to their crash in year 0056.

Who's to say which one did it right? Or did it better than the other? They both got to the same end, it just took a little longer for one to reach it. Maybe the one who failed first got it right, because they have now had 1945 years to revamp the failed systems and fix their mistakes?

Now consider this:

In the entire Star Trek universe, humans are just barely venturing out into deep space, yet other cultures and species have been there for hundreds or thousands of years. Other species have been in space long enough to colonize entire planets, rampage moons for resources, and stake claims to entire star systems, be they inhabited or not. So they developed the technology faster than us, either by complete random happenstance, or by artificial means.

So, my fellow Earth Dwellers... What gives the humans the right to insist that they are the best, most capable, dominant species in self-awareness and technological development cycle? If you ask me, that's a load of fertilizer. Humans are so far [behind] the universal clock, it's not even funny.

So the question of social status in the eyes of technological development is moot. If we hadn't come up with the printed circuit board, we would have probably come up with the Halcyon-Rosenthal acid-etched copper bonded baseboard, or the Taylor foundation.

The point is this:

No matter how fast we move, or what order we develop things in, there will always be benefits, complications and demand for new. So I think that while there are "one-offs" to the entire scope of technology, society is no better and no worse for its creations than it woulda, coulda, or shoulda been with any other order of creation.

However self-righteous .... no... self-delusional they are for it.

And now I am off to play in my happy little world of self-venting sealed lead-acid high capacity deep cycle 45watt 10 minute batteries that make my worries of utility power outages so much less threatening.

and when I'm done with that, I'll jump in my obnoxiously cranberry colored American SUV and putter on home leaving a cloud of smog and grossness behind me.

(Hey, that was a good and bad example of technology, it's a joke people.)

Well, this caused a bit of ruckus, and the teacher responded:

Aaron, I must remind you that you cannot receive full credit for your hard work without references.

I find it interesting that the details of your batteries and SUV are worthy of mention but you feel the technological advances of mankind, in general, are moot? It could simply be an issue of narcissism on your part but could you reconcile this obvious contradiction for me?

As far as immortality, this is more appropriately discussed in Kaplan's Religious Studies curriculum. Not because it is a religious topic, per se, but to even discuss it from the perspective of some immortal being "out there" means you don't understand it. What are radio waves but immortal (traveling endlessly through space)? What is energy but immortal (proven from astrophysics to quantum mechanics/energy does not die)? Lastly, what are humans but energy?

The first week is a good opportunity to test the boundaries of the discussion boards, good job!

obviously I had a problem with this reply of her.  So I sent back:

*author's note: The tone of this post is light and to be contemplated with a smile on the reader's face, because it is being written with a smile on the author's. Indeed the author delights in these debates, and would engage in them endlessly if time permitted.

Wow, um, let me step back then and defend myself a little here...

The original question was to contemplate the state of our society as a result of the "computer revolution". So, the idea in my post was that you can't judge the worth of a society on its technological advancement schedule. NOT that technological development itself is moot. So while there may be some very good individual points that we can claim from having these various things, who's to say it's BETTER than if we didn't have "this" way, but found "that" way instead? Indeed this is an endless philosophical debate, and hence the reason I opened with

Aah the argument of the ages... "woulda, coulda, shoulda."

As I said after the batteries and SUV thing, that was an example of good and bad points, "it's a joke people." Did I mention I have a non-existent sense of humor?

On the need for references... In my experience, I have picked up a LOT of interesting and sometimes completely useless trivial information on *all* manner of topics, and I have developed countless thoughts and methods of my own as well. So you might find that I reference myself at least as often, if not a lot more so, than I reference external sources. And if you were to search for my statements, I'd bet you could find someone, somewhere, who has made the same statements to support mine. It is not possible to determine who said it first, mainly due to the fact that just because I "SPOKE" the words aloud today, does NOT mean I only "THOUGHT" the words for the first time today (even if I did just this moment come to a new conclusion based on some previous knowledge, which is in of itself, my own thoughts and so I again, source myself). In fact, the concept of needing to reference everything one says is both impossible and improbable, primarily due to the inability for any one person to know EVERYTHING that EVERY OTHER PERSON has, or will ever say in their lives. So just because Joe Blow said "hello." 400 years ago, doesn't mean that 1.) I know he said it. 2.) 6.3 Billion other people have NOT said it. 3.) it means anything specific. Indeed I don't even know there IS, or ever WAS a "Mr. Joe Blow".

To that end, I have no more reason to "quote" something I know in my own brain, than I would to ask the aforementioned Mr. Blow to say "Hello." by proxy.

This phenomenon has been acceptable to ALL of my previous instructors, (and usually highly encouraged) and on many occasions, the ability to contemplate such matters freely of my own source and reference has opened up entirely new thought processes in my fellow students, which inevitably results in far more interesting conversations than the limited 2-3 line entries I have noticed throughout my Kaplan educational path, where every paragraph is interrupted 3 or more times by references. And yes, I have seen entire paragraphs from my fellow students in the past where EVERY sentence was referenced, and if you ask me, that is naught short of COMPLETE laziness, and inability to think for oneself. Indeed I am writing my own book as well about this very thing, and many other things, and the thought occurs to me that I will have to include this line of thinking in my book as well. Where I have looked up something, such as the reference to Plotkin in my intro post, I have and will note specifically, as required by the usual standard and practice. But if I know something and can pull it out of my head on demand, then it is of my own source and no reference is needed because I am the one writing from my own words. (Taylor)

I will however, in the future, be sure to note my random sarcasms appropriately, such as the insertion of my "source" at the end of the paragraph above, or:

"So the question of social status in the eyes of technological development is moot. If we hadn't come up with the 'printed circuit board', we would have probably come up with the Halcyon-Rosenthal acid-etched copper bonded baseboard, or the Taylor foundation. </sarcasm>" The concept here is that someone, somewhere, at some point in time, "woulda" come to the idea that you can use acid to etch a plate of copper off of a fiberglass backplane, and the resulting traces become the pathways on which electrical currents can be transferred, and other devices mounted to. The use of 2 completely random names (my own included) was to illustrate that it doesn't HAVE to be called a "Printed Circuit" which incidentally is only the name given because the oldest ancestor of the MODERN PCB, developed by Charles Ducas in 1925, used conductive inks to PRINT the circuit onto a non-conductive substrate. (http://www.answers.com/topic/circuit-board)

There is an external reference for you, because I had to go look up the date.

To that end, I will continue to "cite" myself as I have and will for all of my life, for anything that I know of my own accord, either by personal first-hand experience, development, or understanding that was acquired at some indeterminate point in time along my very interesting and diverse life. And I welcome anyone who so believes that I have definitively plagiarized someone else, to bring forth their argument to me, and I will happily expend all the energy they so desire to receive in developing the various (and sometimes numerous) ways that I have either learned or experienced the information presented in the statement being challenged. And this includes the Kaplan family of companies and their grading rubric. However, if you feel that I have to lose points because I didn't cite something I already knew, then so be it. But I have to tell you, this falls squarely and entirely within the argument of not needing to have some silly piece of paper to prove I can do something (and do it well!). And it is also a large consideration in my usually grumpy attitude of being held down by "the man" in being required to source the stupidest things that EVERYBODY already knows. (Remember, I said I was sometimes a little arrogant? Well, here's a perfect example, and I am perfectly happy to be such, so there is little to no chance I will change this stance.) I have not had to defend this stance ever before in more than 500 hours of college, but I am prepared to should the need arise.

On a lighter note....

I would LOVE to delve deeply into the philosophy of energy and matter in the universe with anyone so inclined, but as you said... This is a topic better left for religious studies. (PS - I am a fully ordained minister of the ULC) Suffice it simply to say that for the purpose of my post, I was using the dictionary word "immortal" in the simplest sense of the adjective "not subject to death" (http://wordnetweb.princeton.edu/perl/webwn?s=immortal). This in turn, implies nothing more than the simple concept that you, whoever or whatever you are, are watching the progression of time in a longer term than your own human lifespan. I said this primarily because I cannot express the progression of technology in the (insert lifespan of choice) years that is the typical human life, but rather that in order to understand the concept I was trying to express, one must have a longer point of view.

I could take this same thought and turn it into a much shorter time span, one that can be observed in the average human lifespan, by saying that you are a college professor, observing 2 students (The society of Student A, and the The society of Student B) working on their final projects. One gets the project completed in unit 9, the other gets it done in unit 7. Was one *SOCIETY* really BETTER than the other? Sure, maybe one came up with a nuclear cold-fusion device, and the other turned in a paper on the lifespan of an ant, but that doesn't mean that an entire SOCIETY was better than the other, only that one PROJECT was. (and who am I to judge this anyway?) If I had endless time to explain at least 50 reasons why the SOCIETIES are not better or worse because of their projects, I would. Suffice it to say simply, that NO HUMAN BEING of any stature, has the right to unilaterally declare one society better than the other, and I will defend this position to the end of my 3,800 year lifespan, which I won't get into here because that IS a topic for other curricula.

I do not consider anything I said here or earlier to be "testing the boundaries" because there ARE no boundaries other than the ones we inflict upon ourselves... and as I said...

"I am so far outside the box, I didn't know there was one to be in." (Taylor)

Hope that helps.


Fair enough, yes?
Well apparently that wasn't the reply she was looking for.  This is what I got back:

"Thanks Tek, I can see where this is going. I wish you well in this course."

REALLY?!?!?!?  That's ALL she could come up with to my biblically proportioned entry?!?!  And what the hell does that MEAN?  "I can see where this is going."  Is that a GOOD or a BAD comment?!?!  Does that mean she's going to be biased against me now?  

I HAVE A SERIOUS PROBLEM WITH THIS!!!!!!!  This is a fucking MASTERS DEGREE program!  It's supposed to be challenging, thought provoking, creative, stimulating, and HARD WORK.  So I throw out there a thought provoking answer to the question, and I get SHOT DOWN because of it?!?!?!  Jeezus FUCKING Kryst people!  

tv commercial

trying to find that tv commercial that makes fun of the "morning person" ... 

All I remember is the guy walking in to his big huge office with the grand entry lobby, and there's a bunch of people all mopey and not awake yet, and they're all getting on the elevator, holding cups of coffee and such.. and the obnoxious guy states very blatantly....  "I'm gonna take the STAIRS!" 

Need to find a link to this on some website, like YouTube....

Anybody know which one I'm talking about?

commission request

Lookin for a really good artist to take a commission or 2.  If you know someone, this post is open.  Comment with a link to portfolio and I'll look and see. 

Large format, high resolution -- digital or traditional media is acceptable.  Clean, no hard erotica.  (might do some suggestive or 'pinup' style.) 

Must be awesome with Dragons.

I know what I want, and I'm not afraid to pay for it.  

Dragon takes flight over South Denver

Yeah!  *snoopy dance*

I landed a sweet new job yesterday.  Datacenter Manager for Aurora Loan Services (corporate HQ), one of the big home loan companies.  They're not goin under, I'm not worried about that.  ALS is breaking off of their parent holdings company, Lehman Brothers, the company that was the largest bankruptcy in US history.  I will be rebuilding the datacenter, decommissioning several machines, and then I hope they hire me on permanantly to maintain the system after the 4-month contract is up.  

Highest salaried job I have ever had, my base is more than double what I started at Lucent for, and more than Lucent was paying me all in all considering overtime and 105-hour work weeks! :)  And I'm the manager, so I have a team working under me too.

Apparently they LOVED my experience and presence, the 3rd interview was only 20 minutes with 2 different people and they called me back just 2 hours later.  The term "Phenomenal" was used to describe the interview. 

This dragon is happy for the first time in a LONG time!

*Snoopy dance!*

So I have to go do all the paperwork and background checks this afternoon, and when those come back perfectly clean, I shoudl be starting first day mid next week.

YAY I don't have to move to Vermont!!!!!!!!!!!

Sexphistication comes to Dell

"The World's Thinnest Laptop".  16mm tall. 

Dell has finally given in and gone mac.

Well, blasphemy Mac anyway... since I don't care to have one.  

Alas, a new breed of laptop that just SCREAMS      SEX!     without ever saying anything.  



The damn thing is so exclusive that it only comes with one processor, one memory, one battery, and one screen configuration.  Crafted from solid aluminum, and a "real glass" edge-to-edge 13.3" HD display.  B/G/N WiLAN, AT&T WiWAN, and BT built in.   Add on a TUMI brand carry case for an additional $400+.  Promises 5 hours of battery life.  Appears to have 3 USB ports, HDMI, power, and headphone.  128GB SSD, with options for an external 500gb hdd and DVDRW or BluRay drives. 

2 colors.  Pearl and Onyx.

And I MUST have one.


March 13, 2009.

She does not affect me as Ginko did.  Indeed Ginko was an inspiration to me, and her passing was a moment of increible power and motivation in my life.  Brie is not like this tho.  Yes she is my dog, and I have enjoyed her time with our family, but she was nowhere near as significant as Ginko.  And while I still believe the transtion from one plane to another is a good thing, that doesn't make it any less stressful.

Thanks, Brie.

Hey all you consumers out there.... If you are thinking about getting a new cell phone, maybe you want Sprint... I dunno...  I'm not pushing it on you, get what ya want.  Sprint has an AWESOME plan right now called "Simply Everything" and it is exactly as it states...  EVERYTHING is covered for one monthly fee of $99.99.  Unlimited talk, text, picture messages, video messages, Data like web browsing, email, IMs, etc...  TV and music live on the phone, and if you buy a phone that has PTT, it covers that too!  Watch out for the other companies that offer these "unlimited" plans, they don't include DATA!!! 

Anyway, hit me up and I can show you where to get the HTC TOUCH PRO for $199 Or the Touch Diamond for $99 !!!!!!    Seriously...  No bullshit, no scams.  All legal, brand new, sealed retail package, no aftermarket crap.  DIRECT from Sprint.

Retail price $579.99
SPRINT Instant Savings $180.00
SPRINT Mail-In rebate:  $100.00
Refer a friend prepaid visa card from me:  $100.

TOTAL COST:  199.99.

Offer expires 3/31 I think, so let me know, eh?   Hell even if you don't get the Touch, I can STILL get you the $100 referral card.  (and I get $25 too, so help me help you!)  You sign up for service direct thru whatever sprint sales place you want to go to, or if you have a corporate affiliation, I'll give you the number of my sales guy and he might even be able to get you an EXTRA $100 off !!!   Anyway, then when you get your phone activated, dial #733 (#REF) and it will ask for my phone number.  That's it!  You get a prepaid visa card for $100, and I get one for $25.  When you get your phone activated, let me know and I'll give you my number to put in with the #REF code.

Did you know....

If Congress spent a million dollars...  EVERY SINGLE DAY...  from the day Jesus was born all the way up to today....  They would not have spent as much money as was spent in this just one little bill. 

And now, it is so unbelievably huge and out of control that it no longer matters.  It's going to grow and grow and grow without stopping.  The governmental machine is working in full blast, and there is not a damned thing that anyone can do about it.  And the number is so big that it is quite literally meaningless to everyone.  There is no basis to measure it against, and so there is no ultimate goal at which we can stay 'stop!'. 

There is no justice for the people who have been honorable and ethical and honest.  The ones who have struggled to survive, making their payments and keeping their lives on track.  The ones most hurt by this are the ones being ignored. 

Put your money in gold folks...  it's the only thing left.  For the dollar is literally meaningless, and with it will come all currencies around the world. 

Get the fuck out of America while you still can.  The ship is sinking and there's no way it'll ever come back up. 


Hell fuckin yeah!  Toss that shit in the can for 18 years. 

Bout fuckin time someone just told them to shut up and rot.


Since when was an avalanche referred to as "The White Dragon" ??????

Alas Mythbusters, you make me wonder at your methods yet again.

Words to remember.

I have got so much to give, I swear I do.
I may not have 9 lives, but this one feels brand new.
Yes I've lived a good one, I've tried to be true.
There are some things I never realized, 'till I met you.
How the wind feels on my cheeks, when I'm barkin' at the moon

There is no home like the one you've got
'Cause that home belongs to you

whoo hoo here I come
whoo hoo back to you

There is no home like the one you've got
'Cause that home belongs to you.

well I was in trouble bad, I was so confused.
I may not see in color babe, but I sure can feel blue.

I have been a lot of things, they may not all be true.
My experience was so mysterious, 'till I met you

Now the sun will rise in the East, but I'm barkin' at the moon

There is no home like the one you've got
'Cause that home belongs to you.

whoo hoo here I come
whoo hoo back to you

There is no home like the one you've got
'Cause that home belongs to you.

There is no home like the one you've got
'Cause that home belongs to you.

There is no home like the one you've got
'Cause that home belongs to you.

Just some wise words to remember from time to time. 

And well worth enjoying at high volume. :)
Good thing I don't have neighbors at 1am.
It's amazing how much noise these little Bose speakers can generate.

PS - If you haven't seen Bolt, you need to.


Simply because I am tired and am trying not to A.) Spoil anything for you and B.) Keep this down to less than 487 pages long...  I have only this very simple thing to say:




Oh, and watch all the credits.

ps - it's a tear-jerker.

Good night.

Signs of the times

I still believe we have a further 2-3 years before we see the real bottom of this slump and return to an upward swing.  And don't tell me that this or that thing or industry is picking up or whatever stupid nonsense you've snowed yourself into believing.  I'm talking world-wide, true economic upturn. 

Circuit City filed for bankruptcy.  If you got a gift card, GET RID OF IT .....    NOW!  

Corral West is closing up too.

Best Buy is worried that their all-important holiday rush sales will be devastated by the clearance prices that are going to hit CC in the next couple weeks.  I say "You go CC!", what better time to fuck Best Buy in the ass with a washing machine than 2 weeks before Thanksgiving!!! 

Get your XMas shopping done early folks.  Cause **IF** CC lasts until Black Friday, there ain't gonna be nuthin left after 9am, you can GUARANFUCKINTEE that! 

On a much more enjoyable note...   BOLT is coming to sneak preview this saturday!!!!!!!!!!!  

Bets on how long Radio Shack lasts? 

4 years of WHAT????

ok ok ok... fine.  I'll admit... This is a historic moment, and that's all well and good.  Fine.  Yep, we gots us a knee-grow pr3z1dant.  it's historic alright, but in more ways than you know.

Whoopdeefuckindoo ..... we got a black president.  whatever.  african american, who-dangger, whatshisface, axkin kwes-chins, socialist, muslim, spanish, i dun give a flying fuck.

Now, first-times aside, return to reality, I still have the exact same thoughts that I have had since Perot dropped out.  (dammit!)  And that is this:

They're ALL fuckin selfish, arrogant, self-righteous, pork-eatin', pocket-linin', mommafuckin assholes.  ALLLLLLLLLL of them.  It don't matter about bein yellow, white, black, tan, beige, lavendar, purple, polka dotted, vertical or horizontal striped, short or long haired, twink, bear, FUCKIN FLAMINGGGGGGG GAY, zoophile, red or blue.  They're ALL assholes.  

So....  Murder and mayhem chaps, standard fare!  

The problem isn't Barak Osama, it's big-butt wife Osamabama, what's her name Michelle?  You watch, she is going to become the ULTIMATE WITCH... And I mean hell and brimstone, fuck you all, I'm the first (BLACK) woman (cause she ain't no lady) , I'll do what I want and you can kiss my shelf-butt, WITCH.  She is going to become the most power-hungry, power-drunk, selfish, arrogant, stuck up, black bitch on the face of the planet.

and by all means, I welcome you all to prove me wrong. 

Time will tell.

And that's all I have to say about that.

Fuckin retards.

Life Changes. Now.

But that was then, and this is now.
And life has changed, somehow.

Watch the yellow leaves fall from the tress in the cool autumn breeze.  A cold front moves in, temperatures drop some 20 degrees in a matter of a half hour.  'Tis the season I suppose.  Summer wanes, winter looms, days grow shorter high upon my mountain. 

I think this year has had a pretty strong impact on me; much more so than past years.  Not only with the forces of economic ne'erdowells upon us all, but even the little personal things that seem so ultimately insignificant individually.  They do add up tho.  I suppose the combined stress is really just the lack of money.  And I'm not talking about money to go and buy silly things with.  I'm talking about the money that is required to pay the bills and the base living expenses and car insurance and things like that.  Alas my total gross sales this year are merely 20% of what they were last year.  Some of that is living in a small community with no major accounts to be won, and some of it is being a very small fish swimming around in the ocean. 

Anyway, Over the last few months, well, 8 months less 2 days now actually, I have come to understand things differently than I ever had before.  Of course, this is the definition of "growing up" I suppose.  Indeed I have done more "growing" in this one year than any 5 years previous.  That's good tho I think, for it feels more like adulthood than just old youth.  Although I still look in the mirror each day and wonder when I am going to become an adult, when will I be tall and strong and look like an adult, and have a deeper voice, and so on.  Yet I am all of these things already.  But because I see myself every single day, I do not see the very slow changes that occur to make those "growing" appearances.  Small steps I suppose.  Last month I went thru my closet and pulled out all the clothes that were either too small, too old, too childish, or haven't been worn in more than 4 years.  I got rid of all my silly old Dragonfly shirts (You know those ones that are polyesther, with the full-bleed print designs, that you're not SUPPOSED to tuck in... the ones that kids wear.)  I had probably 25 of them, and I loved every one... But well, they are not me anymore, they do not represent the adulthood, and I do not have time to wear them anymore.  So, a phase of my younger life, passed on as with everything else.  It is ok tho, for I feel the growth because of it, and I am resolved to becoming a more professional person, and one of those changes is dress.  Soon I will be going thru the other piles of clothing, pulling out old pants and jeans with holes in the knees and t-shirts and all that stuff too. 

I feel the strength of the great Silver Wyrm, yet I feel his tired breath as well.  I want to be his student, his legacy.  I want to be the one chosen to see this path happen.  It is the proverbial carrot, hung out before me to tease.  So I keep a keen eye on it while I am walking, but I am also aware of my surroundings, and I will not be lead blindly, no matter how much I may want to reach it.  This tho, is far more powerful than anything else I have ever felt, and I do not know why.  All I know is that I am willing to give up the flesh in order to achieve it.

So I have come to the next step in this pattern of change that is so engulfing me this year.  And with the change of season, so comes the change of attitude and mentality, and the passing of a phase.  Herald in the new, but build upon the old. 

And so I have decided to pull in the various feelers I have had out for so long.  Those things which do so little or indeed nothing productive or encouraging for me.  I am dropping almost all of the various email addresses, save only the couple core ones.  Nothing important comes in on the others, and spam is just aggravating.  I am dropping other internet-based services, re-organizing IM services, some of the 800 numbers I've had for the business(es), and a number of on and off-line personal projects.

Suffice it to say perhaps, I am going to go dormant for a while.  I bleed money around every corner, and I need to quit.  So along with the various business and professional aspects of this reorganization, so am I also working changes into my personal life.  Maybe it will be only long enough to weather out the winter of the economy, but I hope it will be a life-long lesson of change, one that will help me change the core of my existance upon this earth, and in other planes.  It is my desire, and my hope, and my intention, to make these changes as steps to a greater purpose, on deepest innate and subconscious levels, in order to both demonstrate my convictions to, and earn the respect and trust of, those who watch over me from the skies and the mountain peaked cliffs. 

This is, as with so many of my seemingly radical changes, the end of a known, and the beginning of the next foreknown. 

Oh sure, I will probably keep this LJ account, because there are some few people out there who are indeed kindred spirits (An, et. Al.) who I miss the conversations with, and would so thoroughly enjoy a long chat over a nice fire and a cup of hot chocolate...  And there are a few out there who, while they do not belong in my "core", are good enough acquaintances to stay in touch with, even if we don't actually chat on a regular or irregular basis currently.  But it is unlikely that you will find me on messengers anymore, and such things as this.  I suppose many of the changes I am making have absolutley no bearing on anyone reading this on LJ anyway... But it is all part of the greater scheme for me.  

I do not say Goodbye... Only farewell.  Should we happen to meet again in the future, then we will shake hands and offer greeting, and maybe chat for a few minutes over a cup of coffee.  If not, then be happy and safe in your life path. 

PS - this is not an emo post.  If you know me, you know that I do not do emo.  This is nothing more and nothing less than the change of season of my attitude and drive. Partially brought on by the challenges of the flesh, partly by the potential of the spirit.  And completely overdue.  Take it how you will. 

To the powers that be, who I do and do not know.  To all that were, are, or will be:
The thought and desire is true, beyond this human's expression.  So I open my arms and my heart, and I welcome this potential with all that I can give.